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What is the symbol and the exchange that the company trades under?

Shares of our Class A Common Stock trade on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the trading symbol “AFRM”.

When did Affirm go public, at what price?

Affirm priced its initial public offering on January 12, 2021, and shares of its Class A Common Stock began trading on the Nasdaq Global Select Market on January 13, 2021. Affirm sold shares to the public at a price of $49 per share in its initial public offering.

How can I request a paper stock certificate representing my Affirm shares?

Affirm does not issue paper stock certificates representing shares of its Class A Common Stock. All shares of Affirm Class A Common Stock are held in book entry form.

How do I contact Affirm’s stock transfer agent?

Computershare is Affirm’s transfer agent.  You can reach Computershare by one of the ways below:

By phone:

+1 877-373-6374 (US, Canada, Puerto Rico)
+1 781-575-3100 (everywhere else)

By mail:
PO Box 505000
Louisville, KY 40233-5000

By overnight delivery:
462 South 4th Street, Suite 1600
Louisville, KY 40202

How can I purchase Affirm stock?

You can buy shares of our Class A Common Stock through any licensed broker. We do not currently have a direct stock purchase plan.

Does Affirm pay a dividend on its stock?

We do not currently pay dividends on our stock.

When and where was Affirm incorporated?

Affirm Holdings, Inc. was incorporated in Delaware on June 12, 2019. Prior to our incorporation, we operated under the name Affirm, Inc., our wholly owned subsidiary, which was incorporated in Delaware in 2012.

Who are Affirm’s independent auditors?

Deloitte & Touche LLP is our independent registered public accounting firm.

How do I contact Investor Relations?

You can reach the Affirm Investor Relations team at

When does Affirm's fiscal year end?

Affirm’s fiscal year ends on June 30.

When does the IPO lockup expire?

All IPO lockup restrictions expired in May 2021.